The World Around Us

Children are fascinated by the world around them. They question everything and we nurture their natural desire to acquire knowledge. As children wonder about the things around them, we wonder with them so their interest grows and propels the learning.  Science is such a common part of our world that we adults don't even recognize it. However children observe it. They observe blue and yellow mixing and turning green,  seeds growing into plants, and rain drops falling down. Children are excited about the environment around them so we prepare the environment to stimulate questions foster analysis. We set up enticing provocations with isolating elements such as water, sand, nature, light so children can study each intentionally. We take their inquiries into investigations and record their findings and nurture their theories.



“Observe and listen to children because when they ask “why?” they are not simply asking for the answer from you. They are requesting the courage to find a collection of possible answers.”

- Carlina Rinaldi

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La Crescenta California, 91214
(818) 696-3151
Lic# 198018535