“ART, Story, and Science” Adventure Summer Camps

Childhood encompasses exploring, creating, and using imagination for play…

July 6-30

2 – 6 yrs

We are offering camps in the morning and afternoon each week. You may sign up for one or more or all day! All materials are included in the price of each camp. Sign up before May 31 for these affordable prices (no refunds please). Camp prices will be $199/$175 June 1, 2021.

AM: 9am - 1pm/ 5 day Camps -$175 (per week)     PM: 1pm - 4pm/ 5 day Camps -$150 (per week) 
Registration is open!
Call (818) 696-3151

Week #1: July 6-9 (PM: 1pm- 4pm) Art Camp: We created a camp that nurtures children’s natural love of play, imagination and materials creating drawings, paintings. This helps children to make sense of the world around them. ($120)

Week #2: July 12 - 16 (PM: 1pm- 4pm)  Sensory Play Camp: We have created a camp that nurtures children's natural love for exploration of water, sand, and more. Sensory play is vital for young children fostering their brain growth and development. ($150)

Week #3: July 19 - 23   (AM: 9am – 1pm  &  PM: 1pm - 4pm) Story Camp: We have created a camp in which children's natural love for story, pretend play, and books are nurtured. Young children build their imagination and creativity through play, books and telling stories. This fosters children's path to reading and writing. ($175 & $150)

Week #4: July 26 - 30  (AM: 9am – 1pm  &  PM: 1pm - 4pm) Science Camp: We have created a camp in which children's love for Nature, plants, and animals are nurtured. Young children explore foliage of all kinds and the animal kingdom. This nurtures children's need to explore and experiment, fostering an early childhood science curriculum. ($175 & $150)

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    La Crescenta California, 91214       (818) 696-3151      Lic# 198018535

    La Crescenta California, 91214
    (818) 696-3151
    Lic# 198018535