Our Vision…Is to create a school for children:

That has a beautiful and comforting environment; 
That makes them feel safe, understood, and accepted;
That offers a place to explore, learn and grow;
Where they are seen as capable individuals who have rights and can grow into the people they were meant to be;
Where their teachers partner with them on their journey of exploration, wonderment, and learning;
Where their teachers not only value and respect each of their strengths, but also value their challenges. And it is the challenges that help teachers learn and grow;
Where their teachers are self-motivated researchers, who strive to better their craft;
Where their teachers are open to learn from them as well as the parents they serve so that the teachers are better prepared to serve them and their families;


Our Vision…Is to Create a School for Parents:

That will be a bridge between them and their child, by having the child’s interest at heart;
That will partner with them on their journey of parenting and together they will navigating through challenging stages;
That will be a bridge between their families and other families to create a community;
That will be a bridge between their community and the neighborhood, bringing them together to foster innovative avenues for all

La Crescenta California, 91214       (818) 696-3151      Lic# 198018535

La Crescenta California, 91214
(818) 696-3151
Lic# 198018535